Geotagging Photos

Last September I took a month long trip with a few friends to Asia; Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong to be exact. I love how the iPhone geo-tags (saves GPS coordinates in the EXIF data)  photos and find the display features on flickr and iPhoto to be pretty awesome. I figured that since I’d be taking all these photos in Asia with my DSLR, it’d be nice have all the photos I take also be geo-tagged. A quick google search brought up this gem:

This unit (Amod AGL3080) is about the size of a pager, runs all day off of 3 AAA batteries, and has the memory capacity for almost 4000 hours. The best part was that I was able to score one off eBay for $5 right before I left for the trip but brand new it’s still relatively inexpensive ($65 from Amazon). Basically all you have to do is turn it on, keep it in your backpack or whatever, and it’ll start logging your GPS coordinate with a time stamp. With the included software you can then match the time stamps with the ones on your photos and import the coordinates to the EXIF. It’s really that easy; the hardest parts were remembering to always have fresh batteries and taking it with me.

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